File collections - grouping similar files together in one place

I don't think I completely understand file collections from the manual.

First, they don't appear to persist in another installation of Dopus.

I am trying to find the best way to group together files in various matters that I run.

Each matter has a unique reference which I assign. For instance, 1001 might be a matter I run which will eventually have many files which I will want to access.

All files in that matter will have names like - 1001_email from DFAT 3 March 2022, with the "1001" always appearing at the start.

The files can be scattered over several directories.

I would like them in one place; well, at least to have them all display in the one location. And when a new file is created, I want to get it into that location. When the matter is complete I'd like to zip up all those files and archive.

File collections doesn't appear to be the answer because if I work from another computer, it's not there.

There's a special type of collection called a Stored Query which is what you should use if you want new files matching the query to appear in the collection automatically.

See the manual page on Windows Search for instructions on how to create one.

A Windows Search pattern of filename:1001_* should match the files you want.