File Copy and Renameold Help

I've been using the following command for years to move some data files into a different folder with a specified name

Copy AS "Data Upload.txt" TO C:\UPLOAD\ WHENEXISTS=renameold

The problem is I get a bunch of previous files in the UPLOAD\ directory such as:
[ul]Data Upload.txt
Data Upload (Original).txt
Data Upload (Original) (1).txt
Data Upload (Original) (2).txt
Data Upload (Original) (3).txt

I was hoping to change the rename pattern for the previous existing file so that it gets a timestamp on the name and is easier to view (I prefer list views, not detail). I tried the following but it's not working. Is it possible to control the =renamedold paramter?

Copy AS "Data Upload.txt" TO C:\UPLOAD\ WHENEXISTS=renameold AS "{file|noext}_{date|yyyy-MM-dd}_{time|HH-mm}{file|ext}"

WHENEXISTS=renameold is fully automatic and the pattern cannot be changed.

To do something similar but with a different pattern, you could have a script which handles everything manually. Or (possibly more complicated but more efficient) have the script run a copy command with WHENEXISTS=skip, and then loop through the files looking for any which failed (those are the skipped ones), renaming their corresponding destination files and then running the copy again on the remaining source files.

Hi, its been quite a while, and I'm hoping your position on this has softened.

Can we allow the copy RENAME and RENAMEOLD to take rename presets? I would love to have a little more control over the renaming of files during replacement, and I'm more than happy to script a rename macro for the purpose.

My aim is to have the original renamed with a %date% to show when it was moved out of the way.