File copy control (speed, queue, ...)

Hi there,

using DirOpus8 in evaluation mode right now (think I bought it for the Amiga a loooooong time ago, I guess those registration codes are no longer valid ? :laughing: -not even sure I managed to save up the full amount actually, was a poor student those days... not any longer a student now, albeit not that rich yet either, must be doing something wrong :wink: )
I like it quite a bit so far, but coming from TotalCommander there are a couple of things I miss, most notably :

  • Queuing Copy/Move operations
  • Setting the speed of a (queued or not queued) copy/move operation
  • Setting the buffer to be used when copying files across disks depending on the target/source (can be 'rough', simply 'steal' the way Total Commander does this :wink:
    I did a search for this in the forums and found some posts (requests) for these or alike features going back all the way to 2004, but I don't seem to find them in the program (yet).
    If it's already there, then I'd like to change my "complaint" into "These options are hidden way too deep" =)

Thx for such a nice program btw.

This can be done now, but it is not exactly the most intuitive way of doing it, and not the way i would like to see it done.

as it stands now, you have to create a container, and dump whatever stuff you want in there, then do your move or copy or whatever.

the way I think would make sense, is if there was an option to enable in the preferences, so when i copy something, and then copy something else, it will start with the first job and when it is done, continue to the next job instead of running them simultaneously like it does now.

Another thing that would be nice apart from setting up something like this for the copy/move/delete would be for joining and splitting files.

The way I see it, the Copy/Move/Delete/Split etc... should have either kind of a sister function that puts the command into the queue.
That would give us for "Copy" then : "Copy File", "Copy As", "Queue Copy"

Or you could put a [Add to Queue] button to the progress window too I suppose, next to the [Skip] & [Pause] buttons.

But having it Queue by default would work just fine for me too :wink: You might even have another 'sister command' called "Copy Now" then that completely ignores the Queueing-settings

Additionally, I truly 'miss' the option to set the copy-speed. Whenever I have to move big files around I have to go back to Total Commander because copying via DirOpus or WinExplorer or ... tends to bring my system to its knees ... I know it's because of lousy hardware, but simply being able to limit the speed to something like 2000kps makes things acceptable & workable again...

a mix of this :
and this : ?
That would be fun !!

The mods didn't think I wouldn't throw my two cents in here, did they? :wink:

I've been requesting the copy queue for ages, just for performance enhancement reasons. Parallel copy processes slow down each other if one drive is used in two or more of them at the same time (because this causes the heads on this drive to jump forth and back between more positions than necessary). So, if C: and D: are on the first harddisk and E: and F: are on the second, then copying from C: to D: and at the same time from E: to F: does not slow down any of the processes (unless the harddisks aren't using DMA and CPU usage could be a problem but this is out of topic here). But copying from C: to E: and D: to F: should put the second copy request into the queue to speed up the whole process. This has nothing to do with less windows on the screen (none the less it would be nice too to have an option for a central copy task window...) but with unnecessary loss of filesystem performance. The simplest solution would be an "auto-wait for drive blocked by other copy operations" option...

Now I'm starting copy processes and pause them immediately, then I unpause them when all others are finished. Pain in the ...

Adding this: ExQueues looks promising, thanks for the hint.

AllOlli, have I been asking for the exact same things for ages too. It would make Opus the ultimate for multi-tasking, since you would no longer have to wait for the computer to catch up with you.

There seem to be many requests for this on this board.

I've requested this before as well, I'm sure I saw mentioned that it was forthcoming.. but that seems like it was an awful long time ago :wink:

Hi, FYI;

What you guys want (the copy/move queue thing) is possible when using this tool: ... /teracopy/

It has "Dopus integration" too, i'm using it at the moment and it works perfectly.

(The speed limitation is not posible with TeraCopy.)


Thanks, I'll take a look, it seems interesting.

I have my code working for the most part, but there are still some bugs and I have had little time to work on it due to illness and a new job.