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I'm running DOpus 12.10 on Windows 10 1803. I've often noted that, when I copy a single folder and contents from one location to another, the "Overall progress" indicator is completely useless. It says "0 of 1" until it's finished.

I was wondering; could you have it reflect the total byte count copied, or number of files (i.e. from the folder contents), or something, so that it's telling us something useable?


Turn on Preferences / File Operations / Progress Indicators / Count files in folders before copying.

is there a way to add a sound notification when file transfers have successfully completed?
I think old windows versions had that but not any more.
Can it be implemented in Opus either in the sound events or in the file copy progress indicators?

If it's an FTP file transfer, there are sound events for that under Preferences / Miscellaneous / Sounds.

For non-FTP copies, there isn't an event for it, but you could make a special Copy button (or edit the normal Copy Files button or whichever hotkey/event you use to copy/move things) so it runs the Play command after the Copy command, to play a wav file.

I added the play command after the copy Ctrl+1 as suggested in the manual, but no sound plays...
Is it correct?

Copy AS
Play C:\Windows\Media\Alarm07.wav QUIET

That would only play a sound when you shift+click it.

Put @keydown:common before the line with the play command and it'll play whether or not shift is down.

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thank you!

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