FIle Copy progress

Since installing the latest version I have been seeing errors in the progress completed/total count & time remaining.

I have attached an example screen shot.

For me it's the transfered value that is weird at times, it displays the wrong units.
Instead of showing 2.5GB / 4.00GB it would say something about xxxx bytes / zzzz bytes.

This is not specific to the latest version and I'm sorry to not having a screenshot, will do if it occurs next time.

What's set under Preferences / File Operations / Progress Indicators?

Is the copy filter in use, filtering what is being copied? (If you don't know what the copy filter is, then it's probably not in use and you can ignore it.)

Does it only happen when operations are queued, as in the screenshot?

How is the copy initiated? (Drag & drop, Copy Files button, copy & paste, etc.)

If you can think of any other details about how we might reproduce what you're seeing, please include them so we can try them out.