File copy

please can you make an option to disable the dopus file copy system !
i use a little very usefull application : supercopier
you can make some copie in one time but they are in a queu so the drive are less busy !
i don t find this possibilitie in dopus ............... :frowning:

i was very happy to see that Dopus already exist !
i know it with my Amiga !
it was the good time :d

thank you to take me an answer !
i am french guy :wink: my english is very bad, i hope you understand me !

I don't know how SuperCopier works but you should be able to make Opus toolbar buttons and drag & drop events which use it to copy files instead of the internal copy routines if that's what you want.

If SuperCopier has a command-line interface then that should make things very easy. If it is driven by context menus then it's probably still possible but a bit more work.

The Tutorials section of this site has a few things which should get you up to speed with toolbar editing. I'd start there and try to make a button which copies using SuperCopier, then worry about editing the File Types (so you can do drag & drop as well) later. If you have questions feel free to ask.