File deletion hangs

I assume this isn't a directory opus issue, but I hope you guys know how to fix it.

I don't know what is causing this but after deleting and moving files without problems sometimes the file deletion just hangs. I can't cancel it. The dialog windows are annoying and I can't get rid of them unless I restart.
(forgot to add an image of the queue at the bottom of directory Opus. Currently I have three "Deleting" qued.)

Deletes via the recycle bin are handled via the Windows Shell. Do you see the same thing in File Explorer?

Since it’s involving a downloads folder, antivirus scanning the files and blocking until it finishes would be my first suspicion.

I just tried to delete the file that is currenly stuck using file explorer. It doesn't seem to even try to delete it. For example i got No warnings when I do shift+del even though I get those normally.

Is the file still there after a reboot?

It could be in a “pending deletion” state where it has been delated but something still had it open, in which case the file can still appear until the process with it open releases it.

Some misbehaving video codecs/splitters can leave files open in some situations.

I will check later. In the middle of to many things to reboot computer.

is there at least a way to force close the DO dialogs? in the image an example of the dialog is on the bottom and has the opus icon in the upper left corner where it says (6%) deleting.

The main dialog there comes from Windows, not Opus. The other one wouldn’t normally appear at the same time but, if it has, it’s waiting for the main one to close.

abort and skip seem to do nothing

oh, turns out closeing directory opus and terminating the remaining opus related processes. removed all the dialogs including the seeming Windows dialog.

File > Exit Directory Opus is the way to shut down Opus. Only kill the process if there's no other choice or you want to corrupt your configuration files.

It's likely a video codec/splitter had left the files open if that was what released them.