File display border buttons don't change focus

Specifically, if I have a dual-pane lister open, clicking the up or back buttons on a pane's file border doesn't set focus to that pane. It's causing me a problem because I often extract RAR files from the left pane to the right pane, double-click the extracted file in the right pane to check it, click the back button on the left pane and click the delete button on the toolbar to delete the directory in which the RAR files were, but because clicking back on the left pane did not set focus to it, I end up deleting the file I've just extracted.

I'm pretty sure that is by-design but you could ask GPSoft to make it optional, via their support page:

Or just click the path or empty area next to the buttons before/after clicking the button. (There is already an option to make the clickable "hot paths" feature only apply to the Source side, so that you can easily make a Destination into the Source by clicking anywhere on the border, without having to worry about accidentally clicking to another directory.)