File Display Border Changes Its Height with Some Operations


File Display Border Changes Its Height with Some Operations. This behavior exists since v9.0.0.0, and it's a bit irritating.

See the attached video for my experience.
Could anyone reproduce this?
DOpus.rar (159 KB)

Confirmed when clicking on a tab to type something in. Using DO and Vista x86.

Strange, why don't gp soft respond to such bugs?!!!!
oh, you'll find it solved in next version, but not bold enough to say we have bugs and we're going to fix it. very bad interaction with the community[/quote]

Bogus and totally undeserved criticism... but everyone has their own opinions... mine:

a) simply not true, GPSoft are often responsive here on the forums... which are a "User-run support community for GPSoftware's Directory Opus"... not a direct pipeline to GPSoft.
b) if your issue is not getting attention here on the forums, there is a FAQ which describes How to ensure your issues get appropriate attention... by submitting an actual support case directly to GPSoft.

People periodically do get a little annoyed by an 'apparent' lack of response to 'bugs' reported on the forum, but need to realize that especially when someone 'else' responds to a forum post about a 'bug' there are sometimes few responses because nobody may have anything to add... It may seem apparent to older forum members that there is a legitimate 'issue' which should then be reported properly to GPSoft...

Even so, GPSoft does sometimes comment in such cases and at other times beta members may respond saying they have also confirmed the problem and have submitted the issue themselves to GPSoft...

Either way, if you think GPSoft do not acknowledge 'bugs' then look at the release notes, search for "Bugs fixed" and re-assess your position :slight_smile:...