File Display Comparison?

Basically, I have two listers side by side that I would like to compare so I can see which directories/files are present/missing on each side. I don't care about content or date/times.

See the attached screen shot. I just need a quick way when looking at two different places that it shows me what is missing from each side.

Edit > Select Other already has what you want.

That's not what I'm looking for. I just want an automatic visual indicator that something is missing.

I don't need to select anything, I just need to know there is a difference. In some cases I might have a couple hundred directories files and trying to make sure they are in both places can be tedious especially if the filenames/directory names are very similar.

EDIT: different was the wrong word. Changed to missing.

Alternatively, if I select a file/directory in one lister, it would select it in the other.

Did you look in the menu?

It has items to do exactly what you describe.

Again, I'm not looking to select anything and those options are not automatic. I just need it to highlight the missing files/dirs.

Selecting things will highlight them. The options in that menu will automatically select the missing items in each side (or similar operations).

Never mind, I'll go look at the Scripting/Add-ins and see if I can do it that way...