File drag to lister tabs from outside Opus?

Hi All,

Just wondering if there is any intention to enable lister tabs as a drop destination for file drags from outside Opus?

I regularly have to save file attachments from Outlook to a variety of different folders, and it would be helpful if it was possible to drag the file out of Outlook, onto the DOpus button in the taskbar, then over the relevant lister tab to copy the file to that directory.



Note: I should mention that this works if I bring up the lister first, then drag and drop into the main pane of the lister. However, this means I need to second-guess which directory the file needs to go into to bring that one up before performing the drag+drop.


This already works with most things, just not drags from Outlook for some reason.

Outlook's drag & drops have required special work in the past, and I notice that Explorer treats them slightly differently (shows old-style drop cursors and no tooltips describing what will happen), so it's probably doing something unusual which the tabs don't account for.

Best thing to do is send GPSoftware a request to make the tabs work with Outlook.