File Filter Control - show only folders


I'm searching for a 'wildcard' that shows me only all folders.
What do I have to type in?

There are several ways to do this. What's your aim? Do you want something you can type by hand into a filter box or do you want to create a button or hotkey which hides all files (Set HIDEFILTERFILES="*")?

In general it's impossible for a wildcard by itself to exclude all files and include all folders, because files and folders can have the same names. (It's unusual but folder names can include dots and filenames don't have to include dots.) Instead you can tell Opus to only filter in/out folders/files by changing the type of filter field (so that it only filters one or the other instead of both) or specifying it in the command you run.

Hm, yes, I want type 'something' in the filter box that hides all files - just showing the folders. TotalCommander and SpeedCommander works with /* or was it * :blush: but this doesn't work in Opus. So I thought, that there is an other combination for Opus.

God, hope you understand something of my "great" English... :open_mouth:

There's nothing quite the same at the moment, but you can make filter boxes which always filter folders (or files or both), and give them a hotkey for almost the same thing. Only problem is they take up a bit of space on your toolbar.

If you have the filter box shown below then you can click the icon on its left side for a menu that lets you change what it filters. Again, not quite as easy as typing /*.

The /* thing seems like an okay idea to me so it's probably worth mentioning to GPSoftware if none of the alternatives are good enough replacements for you.

It sounds like Mr Speed only wants to hide all the files, not selectively enter patterns - in that case, a hotkey assigned to Set HIDEFILTERFILES="*" is probably good enough?

I just wondered why this point is missing in this powerfull feature :wink: