File Filter Field not compatible with Flat File View?

When using the file filter field while the lister is in Flat File View I am finding that only files/folders that match in the current folder are shown. Any matching files/folders in subfolders are not picked up by the filter.

I can find nothing in any of the docs that address how to get this to work in flat mode, or if it is supposed to work.

Does anyone else see the behavior I have described? Is this a bug?


If the filter box is in Files and Folders mode then it will filter out any folders (including everything below them if you're in flat mode) which don't match the pattern.

I suspect that's what you're seeing and if you change to Files mode (click on the icon next to the filter's text-box) then things will be more like what you want.

I don't think there's a way to filter folder names when in flat mode without also filtering out everything below the folders as well. (i.e. You can't filter out just the folder items themselves while keeping their children.)

Files and Folders mode is what I was trying to use. Everything does work fine when in Files mode, but I was hoping for a way to not see all of the folders.

It seems like it half works. For example in a particular directory, I can set the filter to *.exe (Files and folders, no partials), then toggle on the flat file view. Very briefly, the lister will show all *.exe files in that folder and subfolders, but then will revert back to just showing me the *.exe files in the immediate folder.

If you want to see *.exe then you should use a File filter, rather than Files & Folders (else you'll filter out all the folders unless one is named Folder.exe, which would be unusual).

If you want a flat view of the files without all the folders you can switch to Flat View -> Mixed (No Folders).