File filter - relative path

Is it possible to add file filter rule that checks relative path in flat view?
Example of what I'm trying to do: select all php files in all subfolders, excluding files in certain directories and index.php in project main folder (as it contains some config that shouldn't be overwritten on the server). So I want to select file images/index.php and config/index.php and other php files but not index.php in the main folder.

If this is important - this is what my filter looks like now:
Full path no match ".svn"
AND Full path no match "*\assets*"
AND etc.

I thought about something like
AND Relative path no match "index.php"
Relative path in normal (not flat) view might be the same as Name but in flat view might be equal to location (relative) / file name.

I don't think there is a way to do that, sorry.