File & Folder in MS-DOS mode

Hello to everyone.
I just installed the new version of the Directory Opus x64 v10.5.3.0 b5016. Everything looks fine but there is a slight problem in how it displays my file and folders name.
Any given file or folder with more than 8 character for name changes to MS-DOS Mode display, at least that's what I think it does.
Here is a screeshot of my program.

and when I go to the folders by explorer everything is as should be.

If anyone could help me out I'd appreciate it alot.
thanks anyway.

The simplest solution to this problem is to purchase the software instead of using an illegal crack.

An acquaintance recently saw this behaviour with a perfectly legitimate installation of Opus, purchased at my suggestion.

He fixed it by reinstalling and rebooting.

Maybe it was just some freak thing but the latest (faulty) crack has to be manually uninstalled before Opus will work again. The crack has no uninstaller and if left on the machine it will break Opus even if you install a legit copy over the top.

Those are the risks of using binaries from untrusted sources on a machine.

We'll aim to help anyone with a linked account get Opus working if they find themselves in the same situation, and if we're able to help, but at the same time we don't always know exactly what these cracks do and we are not here to fix the mess caused by running someone else's dodgy code which we have no knowledge of, and could've done god-knows-what to the machine, which was designed to rip us off. :slight_smile: