File/folder popup info only appears for every other file/folder in list view

When hovering over a file or folder in a lister, a popup appears with some details about the file or folder. However, in list view, the popup info only occurs for every other file/folder when moving the mouse pointer from one item to the next.

It appears for every file when I test it here, but I notice there is something odd: The part of the file name where the infotip will appear is smaller than the part where the file will become "hot" under the mouse. You have to aim more towards the middle of the filename to get the infotip, so if you are moving the mouse up/down from one file to the other and stop as soon as the "hot" file changes, you won't get an infotip until you move a bit farther.

That should be easy enough to fix. But is it the same thing you are seeing, or are you definitely seeing only infotips for every other file?

Do you see that for all types of files? e.g. Try in the /home directory (C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus), which is what I tried with.

The effect you describe about the "hot zone" occurs here when the mouse is moving across the file/folder icons. If moving across the text, then only every other file/folder gets an infotip appearance. When hovering over a file/folder that does not make an infotip appear, it doesn't matter where I move the mouse to over that file/folder (icon or text), no infotip appears. Same thing happens in the folder you gave above and on all item types. Changing the sorting didn't help either, just FYI.