File handling during "Synchronize"

I apologize for not having found the answer to this in FAQ or Help. During Synchronize, I want to know how the following scenario is handled.

I am synchronizing Directory H:// with Directory I://baby.jpg.

I want both files to end up in the H:// Directory, so would expect when Opus synchronizes - that it would rename H://. Is that what happens? I don't see an option for "save files with same filename as a copy". THANKS!

There isn't when Synthonizing (the aim is to make the two directories the same) but you can do it when doing a normal file copy.

When doing a normal file copy, you can choose Rename Old All, or Rename New All, so that both old and new files are kept.

There is also a Skip Identical option which makes it skip over files with the same name, size and date.

The only thing to watch out for is that Skip Identical really means "Skip this file (whether or not it is identical) and then skip any other files which are identical". And if you choose Rename Old/New All before Skip Identical, then even the identical files will be renamed.

It may be easier to simply copy everything to the new directory using either of the Rename Old/New All options, and then run the Duplicate Finder on the results to clean up any duplicate files. Depends how much data is involved, really. (That would also find any duplicates that already had different names, as a bonus.)

If they are photos taken with a camera, you can also use the Rename tool in Opus to put the time they were taken into their filenames, which would mean they would not clash with other files unless they were almost certainly the same (assuming the camera's clock wasn't reset, of course).

Thanks. Your advice is clear and helpful. My wish (to have perfect functionality) would be to have the Skip identical, mean exactly that .... otherwise, I fear that some people will achieve unexpected results and delete an original file.... scary.

Also ... as a beginner, I didn't realize that Syncronize did not include subfolder contents unless you choose that option. I did (what I thought was a full) syncronize, but did not have that option selected and then deleted the directory that I thought had been duplicated -- when it was not -- and lost original files. I believe that the logical option should be to deselect folder contents -- not the option to include them -- as the object of syncronizing is to make both folders the same throughout.

Thanks again for the quick and clear response!

We plan to make some improvements to how Skip Identical works, although I don't know when we'll get to it.

We recently (in the or .2 beta) reviewed the default Sync panel settings (and also what happens when upgrading an Opus 9 config to Opus 10) so if the sync-sub-folders option was off by default then it should be fixed now. I'll make a note to double-check that, though.