File in use by another process - Irritation

I often copy files from one directory to another by dragging and dropping them from one pane to another. Very frequently I have a problem in either deleting a source file, or renaming a destination file. I have had this problem since DOPUS version 10. A message pops up that the process cannot be completed because the file "is being used by another process" and there number "(32)" appears in the message dialog. The only workaround that I could find was to exit (not merely close) DOPUS and restart it, which is very unsatisfactory. Any idea on what might be causing this behavior?

If you have the viewer panel open than close it and check if the problem still occurs.

These threads deal with similar issues:

Thanks for the links. Unfortunately for me, the viewer panel is not open or or otherwise involved in any way that I know about when the problem occurs.

Which type(s) of file are you seeing this with?

It is possible the locks are created by a shell extension, video codec, or similar DLL and not by Opus itself, for example.

They are usually video files with an mp4 or avi extension. The point is, however, that the problem occurs if I just copy them over or try and move them to another directory or drive, without ever opening them.

I also had this problem, I think (I can't remember the exact error message), I got rid of it by disabling the move plug-in.

Thanks. Can you tell me where this plugin may be found?

Go to Settings - Preferences - Viewer Plugins, then uncheck the movie plugin.

Thank you. I'll try this, and hopefully it will work!