File join options requested

When joining multi part files, there are 2 options that I think would be a nice addition

  1. check to make sure all files are the same size (With exception of the last one)
  • When combining a movie with 950+ parts... its a pain to manually scroll thru the entire list to make sure that all the parts are the same size. If you go to quickly, then u may miss it and when you combine the file, it wont play at the end.
  1. option to delete the parts after a successful join

  2. If you highlight 500 parts... an option to check that all 500 parts are there and ur not selecting 499 (then having to manually figure out which part is missing)

Obviously it's different if you're doing this several times a day, every day, but if you're only doing big joins like this occasionally then you can do all these things reasonably easily (but a bit slower than if it was automatic):

Sort by size and you only have to look at the largest and smallest file to see if any are different.

If you edit your Join button and add @NODESELECT as a line on its own then the Join command will no longer deselect files and you can simply click delete. (Assuming you're joining by selecting files in a lister.) You can also use the Reselect button to do something similar.

The selected file count in the status bar can be used to quickly see that you've really selected 500 files and can also be used to quickly narrow down where the missing file is (select in batches from the top to the bottom and stop when the selected count doesn't agree with the last selected filename).

Like I said, having it all automated would save more time, but maybe these suggestions will save some time anyway.

Currently i do a lot of this as some of the groups i follow on usenet split movies this way, so i can have many movies in mutli parts in one dir. Short of putting them into subdirectories, sorting by size can be somewhat of a pain to then figure out whats what.

Thx for the tip on the nodeselect!

I think for now I will continue to use JAS and Mastersplitter for my current needs as it does what i want it to do. I was just hoping to not have to use it and only rely on DO.

Thanks for your input

I've been playing with the JOIN command to join together text files, not binaries. It seems it should work, but I seem to get the first file fine, then the rest come in in either binary or some corrupted form. Thoughts?

Opus should just join the files together without looking at the contents. Anything special about the files, like Unicode or UTF-8 or similar?

Are they actually text files and not word documents or RTF files?

That was my thought too. The text files were created by using the clipboard paste to lister off of a web page. If I open them in notepad, they look fine, as do the thumbnails in the lister. There may be some funky encoding, but I'm not seeing it.

I just created a test with 5 files created out of notepad and that works fine so there must be something unusual about the text files created by paste from clipboard.

Could you attach some example files?


I guess that. Dopus always crashes on my machine if I paste text from clipboard, however, I find the text file after reopen.

I determined that it is indeed a text-encoding problem. While most of the files pasted from the clipboard into the lister came over as Windows 1252: Western European, one file came over as Unicode, UTF-16 little endian. That is causing the chaos when I try to combine the files.

Does anyone know either a way to specify encoding on a lister paste, or a command line utility which would convert the encoding of a text file?

Presumably you had unicode text on the clipboard, which is why it was saved as a unicode file?

I am guessing so, I clipped it from a website and I am guessing it was Unicode there. It's never easy...