File list not updating when copying to DiskStation

My DiskStation shows up in the Folder tree with no problem. I don't connect to it by drive letter, but by UNC - clicking on it in the Folder tree.

I copy files to it on a regular basis and have problems with DOPUS refreshing the file list when I rename files while copying or moving other files.

Here's what's happening:

  1. I open a dual display - source (local folder) on the top, destination (DiskStation folder) on the bottom
  2. rename the first file (usually a song or a recorded tv show)
  3. move the file from the source to destination. takes a while to move.
  4. while the file is moving, click on the next file to be moved and rename it.
  5. after the file is renamed and I hit , the file list does not reflect the new name.

After the move has completed, the file list does not update - I have to hit F5 to refresh it.

Note that if I try to move the second file without doing the refresh first, I get an 'unknown error' because it appears to be looking for the original file, not the renamed file.

It would be much more convenient if the file list updated automatically as soon as I complete the rename, even though another file is in the process of being moved. This of course works just fine if I'm doing it with two local folders. It's only a problem when moving files to the DiskStation.

Please see Changes to folders are not always detected for suggested troubleshooting & diagnostic steps.

Thank You! I searched for DiskStation rather than Synology and missed this. All of the settings were already correct. I'll do more testing as directed...