File list refresh

When I move a file from one directory to another, and the file list does a refresh Opus always jumps back to the top of the file list. Is there a way to make it display from where you were when you did the copy.
Say I have a .jpg called wa.jpg and I move it to another directory, now I also have a .jpg named za.jpg that I want to move to a different Directory. After I move wa.jpg and the list refreshes, I have to scroll back down to the za.jpg to move that file. This isn't bad if the file list is only a few file, but if there are two hundred files it takes a little time.

That doesn't happen for me. Which mode do you have the lister in? (Details, Power, Icons, etc.)

Doesn't happen to me either...

sirjames, are you switching directories while you're doing this and/or exactly how are you doing the file move operation? Are you just selecting a file and drag~n~dropping it into another folder? If not, what are the exact steps?

I am In Details mode and I select the file from the list on one side and then click on move to move it to the other directory. I'm using a dual display where my file lists are side by side.

Thanks for the help Jim

Hmm... I still can't reproduce what you're seeing. I'll poke around in the prefs to see if there's any option that might affect this... but so far I haven't seen anything. It doesn't appear to be affected by Reset focus entry when sorting file list :frowning:....

Which directories are in the left and right sides?