File menu shows entries of Intel Video Driver (systray)

I noticed that on some of our machines the File menu popus after 1-2 second delay. I noticed that there are some entries shown that usually are displayed in the system tray. The following menu took about 2 seconds to be opened and there are "Grafikeigenschaften" which is shown in the system tray on all other machines (doesn't having DOpus installed). If I click these entries the Intel HD display settings dialog is opened.

In customize mode these entries are not shown!

In Customize mode, you should see some menu items like Lister Context Menu, File Menu Marker and File Context Menu which insert menu items defined by the system or added by shell extensions, based on the current folder and/or selected files and folders.

Ok, that's strange. Why the hell does Intel inject these menu items this way?

Typically the item is shown in the systray as own icon. But if DOpus is installed the icons are grabbed by DOpus and even are not shown in the systray at all anymore ...

Opus has no interaction whatsoever with Intel's systray icon.