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File metadata cache

I have a question relating to caching of file metadata. I think that in v12.13 a change around this was included, described in the release note as follows:

"Added a simple caching system to the metadata thread so that multiple queries for the same file in a short space of time will come out of the cache rather than re-reading the file every time. Should improve performance when the file display is showing metadata columns and label filters are also querying metadata"

This works well, however I think that the cache may need to be rebuilt if a file is replaced with a new version. I've noticed that - to be specific - the 'Module Version' metadata column is not refreshed/updated if I overwrite v1 of a file exe with (say) v2. If I close and reopen the lister 'Module Version' does display v2.

It's a small thing, and it's possible I may have misunderstood how this works, or need to make a config change, any suggestion would be appreciated.



I can't reproduce that here, testing with different versions of the Opus installer exes.

Are the file sizes and dates changing, or just the version numbers? If the dates and sizes don't change then it might trick the cache into not updating.