File Names In Listers -how can I set opus to display full?

hi, since i've installed directory opus 9, i've run into an annoying problem:
when i click into a lister, the file or folder names are abbreviated, whereas I would like to have the full file or folder name displayed everytime by default. i have to hover over a file or folder to see the full name, and that costs time and gets annoying when doing file and folder work. how may i set directory opus to always display the full file or folder name, rather than an abbreviation?

thanks in advance

What do you mean an abbreviation?
If the column is too small you can just resize it.

thanks for the reply, for instance a file or folder will look like this

microsoft wor...

instead of this
microsoft word doc 7.06.07

and it makes file work a bit confusing. there is no column to resize

If you're in List mode then the width of the name can be set from Tools / Folder Options. Either turn on auto-size mode or configure the name size directly.

I don't think der_affe is talking about the column widths. Every once in a while, DOpus 9 goes into a mode where it displays only the 8.3 filenames in the listers. The problem does not go away until one restarts the application completely. See the attachment.

der_affe was definitely talking about abbreviation as he mentioned seeing "..." rather than "~".

On the other hand, your problem looks like what happens with certain... unofficial... versions of Opus.

I also have the problem der_affe has, but it only occurs when new files are created/files are renamed to some large filenames.

jon said :

But I only get the option "Auto-size columns in detail & power mode" no mentioning about List mode. :blush:

The column size options seem to apply to List mode as well now. Perhaps the checkbox needs to be renamed slightly.

It looks like List mode, unlike Details/Power modes, will not automatically resize columns if new names appear which are too long. You have to manually refresh the lister for it to happen (e.g. press F5). I suspect this is done on purpose as if List mode automatically resized because of changes then the whole file list could move around wildly when you were trying to find or click on something, which would be very annoying.

Yes,restart.It works well!

You don't have to restart anything (unless you're talking about the 8.3 issue which is caused by pirate cracks); just refresh the directory (F5) if you are in List mode, or set the columns to auto-size if you are in Details or Power mode.