File names showing in DOS format

Everything is showing in DOS format for all the folder and file names as in (Progra~1) etc.

I cant find which setting controls this?


hmm, is this actually an option?
My whole computer is acting really weird now I'm thinking I might have something up with my system :frowning:

You can use "Search" to find this...
[Strange behavior in DOpus

You can use an offical release (without patch)
[Filenames reverting to old skool 8.3 format -)

You can buy an offical release...
[Problems caused by unofficial patches)

I got this copy from the website and was using a trial license.

I just restarted my computer and it came up saying my license had expired so I guess thats what was causing it :frowning:

No. This cannot happen with stock or evaluation licence, only with illegal version of Opus.

Alternatively you have obtained non-original versions that have been infected with worm virus so now all parts of the program are digitally signed for your protection plus to support Microsoft Vista security and AntiSpyware protocols.

Please go to the Opus program folder, right click the program to access Properties. Check the digital signature is valid. If it is not valid then possibly something has corrupted the program in which case you should download the official digitally-signed version and reinstall.

If you use a genuine version of Opus and purchase the program you will not have any problems.