File not showing up in folder

I am working on my computer in a folder on my wife's computer, via a simple Win7 network.

I had file xxx.doc open, and did a Save As (Word 2000) to xxx_yyy.doc.

xxx_yyy.doc did not show up in the wifecomputer.folder I had open in Dopus. And, strangely enough, it still showed xxx.doc in the Word 2000 document (it should have switched to xxx_yyy.doc).

I clicked out of the folder in question, and then back to it, and then, xxx_yyy.doc appeared, and, again strangely enough, xxx_yyy.doc showed up in the Word document.

I report this only because there was a major update of DOpus recently. I know that Word 2000 is OLD, but it has worked mostly right most of the time :slight_smile:


Hans L

Thank you, Leo.

It was

Preferences – File Operations – Options – Detect external file changes on network drive

that was not checked.


Hans L