File properties after applying the Move operation

I have a problem with changing file properties. I have a small network at home (2 nodes), which contain 2 shared directories. If I copy a file or a complete folder to a shared directory on the first node, then I can access that from the other node. But, if I MOVE the files or folder, I can not access these from the other node. What happens? and, more important, what setting do I have to change to be able to access files over my little network after moving??
Any help appreciated :slight_smile:


When you say you can't access them do you mean you get an error message, or you just can't see the files?

If you get an error message, what is the message?

If you can't see the files, do they appear if you hit F5 to refresh the lister? Check that Preferences, File Operations, General, Detect external file changes on network drives is on.

If it's neither of those can you give more detail on what goes wrong?

I get the following error message: an error occurred moving (filename). Access denied (5)

I can see the files I like to move, because I can access the directory they are in. But I can't reach the files (copy or move). So, it looks like some file attribute prevents me from accessing it. But, which one? And why does this error message not appear when I copy the files to the shared directory? After copy, I can touch these files with both copy and move.

That means either you don't have access to delete the source files (e.g. file permissioning, or they are in use by another program (or an Opus viewer is displaying them)) or Opus is somehow confused and thinks the source and destination are on the same partiton when they are not.

It's most likely the former.

No, IMHO it has nothing to do with the right to delete files. I just can't do anything with them. Copy is also not possible :astonished:

In your first post you said Copy does work. I'm confused now.

Can you view the files??

OK, let's start over again. I dont want to confuse anyone here :wink: Sorry about that!

On my laptop I have some files that I collected from the internet. I wish to move these to my PC. To do that, I have on my laptop a shared folder, which I can access using my PC via a router. So, what I do, is I put files in the shared directory on my laptop. Now here is the problem. If I COPY the files to the shared directory on my laptop, my PC can access these (copy, move both work). If I MOVE files to the shared directory on my laptop, then these files are not accessible. I can see them on my PC, but not copy them nor move them to the PC. It appears to be some problem with rights to access a file that has been moved instead of copied.
Hope this clears up the problem description :slight_smile:

Ah, it's probably because when you move files between directories on the same partition (which these presumably are) then whatever permissions are on the files are left as they are.

If you copy the files, or move them to a different partition (which is effectively a copy-then-delete), then the new copies get the same file permissions as their parent folder.

So the problem is likely that the files in the directory you are copying from are not permissioned to give you access to them on your other computer.

You can reset the permissions of the files after moving them by right-clicking the shared parent directory, selecting Properties, Security tab, Advanced button, and then click the checkbox at the bottom: Replace permission entries on all child objects.

Yep, that fixes my problem. Thanks!