File selection behavior

When I click on a file to highlight it and then click on a different file, the first file stays highlighted. I don't think it used to do this and I must have inadvertently changed a setting I shouldn't have. But I can't figure out what setting that might be.

Also, is there any way to reset everything in Preferences back to the default values so I can start over?

Sounds like you've changed to Powermode.

As for resetting prefs, use the Preferences menu in the Preferences dialog and select Reset all to defaults.

How do I turn power mode off? I never can find the right tab in the Preferences dialog, and everytime I try to use Help, I get a lot of stuff about raw commands. BTW, I wish raw commands were in a separate help file. Many people will never use them, and it clutters up the help for those of us who are just trying to find out how to do something with the interface.

Similarly, I've tabbed through a bunch of things and can't find the tab where I reset the defaults. I should have made that clear earlier. I know it can be done, I just can't find the right tab.

I love Opus, but I really hate how the help works--I can never find answers to simple questions, even though I'm sure they're in there somewhere. I wish there were a simple way of finding out WHERE in the preferences dialog you need to go to change something. I try looking at every single tab in Preferences, but there are so many of them, I lose my focus and wind up not seeing what I need even if it's right in front of me.

On the default Opus toolbar, there is an icon with a Bicycle on it. You most likely inadvertently clicked that button to enable Power mode. That Button Cycles through the various view modes: thumbnails, list, details, power mode, etc. Power and Details look a lot alike though. Next to this button is also a pull-down arrow, from there you can select the view mode you want.

The Opus manual should open up in Adobe Reader with the Bookmarks navigation tab displayed at the left. If not, enable View > Navigation Tabs > Bookmarks in Adobe Reader. Once you can see the Bookmarks pane, you'll see all of the chapters in the manual. Try looking for the one named "Preferences". About a page or two into the Preferences chapter, it shows you how to reset preferences. Trust me the manual will not bite you, and it's house-broken.

Once you see the picture, you will also come to understand that Tanis has already answered your question above and that he gave you the direct route to the exact function that resets preferences.

Every button on a toolbar and every item in a menu has a raw command inside of it. Thus, every users does use raw commands, whether they know it or not. But not all raw commands have been pre-packaged as a button. That is left up to users to do.

Now as to users creating and configuring buttons using raw commands, some users may do this very little, but I would argue that most do it at least once. That is how you add features to Opus. Do a quick search on this forum you will see that most people do use them. And I would say that after using the software for a month or two that you will also have created at least one custom button yourself. If these subjects were separated, then searching for how to perform an action may miss finding a raw command that does not currently have a button somewhere for it.

Tanis did not mention a tab, he did however mention a menu.

I know he said menu, but I thought he made a mistake and meant tab because I didn't realize there even was a menu. That lonely little word up at the top, 'Preferences,' just looks like a description, not part of menu. It's all by itself and there's no hot key, so it doesn't jump out at you as a menu item, just fades into the background.

I still wish they would change the help. Compiled help is much easier to navigate that PDF files, IMHO, and besides, one's inclination in most software is to go there first. I feel that the basics of how to use the interface should be the main thrust of the Help file. I keep forgetting that I have to use the manual instead.

Of course, raw commands are behind every button. No need to talk like I'm an idiot. But I have never in two years had a need to work with them directly. That many people do use them and write about them in the forum only suggests that the people who try to use them need help, as you would expect. Those that don't use them--and the less technologically inclined never will--don't have any reason to post questions about how they work. Personally, I find that there's nothing I need Opus to do that would require me to go beyond what the interface will do. I just have trouble finding the right tab in the Preferences dialog whenever I want to change things. It would have been nice had I been able to type in 'file selection' or some variant in the Help prompt and easily find something about how it differs depending on the mode.