File Selection Behaviour Needs To Be Changed (In My Opinion)

I believe that the file selection behaviour of DOpus should be changed to emulate Windows Explorer and other third party file managers.

If I am using a dual lister and select 2 or more files in say, the top lister, and then select a file in the bottom lister, when I go back to the top lister and click on one of the previously selected files, instead of selecting that file only, DOpus keeps all of the previously selected files selected.

The only way to deselect the group of files and then reselect one file only, is to click elsewhere and then select the required file.

You have probably gone into Power mode without realising it. Go back to Details and it is the same as Explorer.

No, I'm not in Power mode, and no, it's not the same as Explorer. If I click on one of several selected files in Explorer, only the file I've clicked on remains selected. In DOpus they all remain selected.

Details mode works exactly as you're described - it's identical to Explorer. The only explanation for what you're seeing is that you're in Powermode.

Make sure that one of your Folder Formats isn't overriding what you 'think' is being used.

Let me explain again what I'm seeing. If I select several files by using either the Ctrl or Shift key in conjunction with a left click and then click on any one of these selected files, they all remain selected. If I do the same in Explorer, i.e select several files and then click on one of the selected files, only that one file remains selected.

In the attached screenshot, I've selected the group of files. When I click on the "IncDB.ico" file, the whole group remains selected, not just the "
IncDB.ico" file, as is the case in Explorer.

Are you saying that what I am seeing is not the default operation of DOpus in Details mode and that something else is causing this behaviour?

I am not in Power mode which, as you know, works totally differently, with previously selected files remaining selected as I click on new files.

If I select files in Explorer and then click only one of them all files are unselected except for the clicked one.

Opus behaves exactly the same for me in Details mode.

Thanks. I must have something set differently to be causing this.

Does it make a difference if you click on the file's icon only and not the text?

Ok, it seems to be caused by the Full-row selection option. If that's turned on, only a click on the filename itself will deselect the other files.

Not at my end. Full row selection or not, same issue.

Hmmm.. full row selection is the only option I have to turn on to make it happen. Try playing with the settings and see if you can narrow it down a bit.

I'm seeing exactly the same behaviour as cqdigital.

I'm in Details mode, not Power mode, and I don't have full row selection on.

If I click on the file icon, all selected files remain selected. If I click on the file name instead, all files are deselected, and it jumps into inline rename mode (with the first part of the name selected) for the clicked file. on XP SP2.

I like this behaviour: please don't change it (other than as an option) :slight_smile:

Full row seelction makes no difference.

It operates as Explorer (clicking even a single file icon deselects all but that file) in List (or lesser) mode(s).

In Power mode, the click merely delesects the clicked file, leaving any others selected, still selected.

I can't find any other prefs which make a difference. Are you sure this isn't all by design?

This only applies to Details mode.

The intended behavior is - a click anywhere on an already selected item should leave that item selected and deselect all others.

A recent change (which restricted inline rename to clicks only on the filename itself) broke this behavior. In full-row select mode, a click anywhere to the right of the filename, in the area that would normally select a file, does not deselect the others. This is what cqdigital is seeing.

Irrespective of full-row select mode, a click on the file icon also does not deselect the other files. This is presumably what Milly is seeing.

Both these are symptoms of the same underlying problem, both are bugs, and both will be fixed :slight_smile:

[quote="jon"]Both these are symptoms of the same underlying problem, both are bugs, and both will be fixed :slight_smile:[/quote]But once an inactive Lister (with selected files) becomes active again (say by clicking its status bar, or tabbing to it), then it will still be possible to drag a group of selected files (by dragging from any selected portion), without deselecting all but the file at the point of contact?

Yes, this is standard behaviour. The deselect happens on button-release.

Thanks Jon for sticking with me on this one. I'm the same person that brought up the inline rename bug when a file icon was clicked, which thankfully has been fixed.

So you admit it's all your fault then? :slight_smile:

Holy quick fix, Opusman.

I guess I'll have to! :slight_smile: