File selection: select all fails

i posted a few mins back the following for issue /2

recently i have had some issues with opus
1/ select all,(press CTRL A) fails to select all so reverted to placing SELECT ALL icon on toolbar
2/ to select file or folder RIGHT CLICK but this was and still is causing dopus to hang. the only way out of this is via task manager/ end task

this /2 happens irregularly, some days often, other days not at all.
as you can imagine it is a right pita. :nauseated_face:

to correct this i uninstalled/ completed registry clean up and back up, reinstalled dopus
still 1/ and 2/ happen

as 2/ is a major issue, 1/ ill deal with later can you help me with /2 please
wishes pjh

so now can we deal with issue 1/ as explained above
issue is open any folder showing multiple files, images, mp4 files, anything
press CTRL A but nothing selected
must use "select all " icon i have placed on tool bar or swipe with cursor to select the files wanted

and then to paste in an other folder, go CTRL V but this fail also
so to paste use toolbar paste icon

so what's wrong with the ctrl a and ctrl v mouse functions

with thanks

When the problem happens again, go to Settings > Customize Toolbars > Keys and check that the Ctrl A key is there, and that it isn’t red.

If it’s missing or red then the problem is the toolbar configuration (Edit > Select All not being present, or a second item existing with the same hotkey). It may depend on which toolbars you have open.

Also check the hotkey runs the correct command.

If it is there and not red, and runs the proper command, then the problem is likely some other tool taking over the hotkey for some reason.