File selection

How can i write name of a file in lister with keyboard to go to its location?
For ex, i press 'c'-letter to see file 'cooltool'... I see only the first file (ex, cadum). If i have too much files with 'c'-letter, i have to do this press many times.
Can i write 'cool' or 'cooltool' to go to this file at once...

Opus will search as you type...

As you hit C it will jump to the first file named C*, then type O and it will go to the first file named CO*, then type O again, and sure enough it matches COO* - of course you need to type this reasonably fast otherwise it restarts the match...

Can i control key delay?
(time to match?)

I don't know for sure but the delay is probably based on a system metric like the mouse button double-click time. Just a guess, though; maybe Jon can confirm it.

By the way, an alternative you might prefer is using a real-time Filter box on the toolbar. You can type a string into this (as fast or slow as you like) and Opus will hide all the files which don't contain the string.

Another alternative is a making a button which runs Select MAKEVISIBLE -- When you click on this you'll get a dialog box where you can type your pattern (e.g. "CO*") and Opus will then select all the files which match it. The MAKEVISIBLE part tells Opus to scroll the file list to make the first matching item visible in the lister. You can remove that if you don't want it.