File Type Group Scripting Question

I am using the File Type Group Music Files > Left Double Click event manager and I would like to use a script function to execute.
How do you refer to the item that was double clicked. I need the full path of the item.

Thank you

This will output the double-clicked item's path to the script log:

@script jscript
function OnClick(clickData)
	DOpus.Output( clickData.func.sourcetab.selected(0).realpath );

Thank you Leo, but I would like to use VBS. What is the function header for VBS. I have tried the same header but it returns an error.
I found it Thanks

vbscript instead of jscript on the first line. The rest you can get by copying what a script button gives you when you make a new one on a toolbar. Writing and testing the script via a toolbar button will be easier, too. Once it's finished you can copy the code into the event and add the @script line to the top.

Thank you. I got it.


Please don't! o)

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