Filename column and neropus

Hey is there a way i can remove the filename column from the fileview or atleast somehow hide the directorys out of the column? I am trying to setup a kind of mp3list when i enter my music directory so the filename column is just disturbing.

And my second problem is i cant active the neropus toolbar? Fyi: i have installed nero!

Thanks in advance

For the benefit of those not on IRC after the same thing, the filename column is the only one that cannot be removed, but you should be able to set it to zero width, which can be done and fixed for a directory via Folder Options.

Not sure about the Nero toolbar. Hopefully Gus can help!

The Neropus toolbar that shipped with the original release of Opus 8 was corrupt somehow (a glitch in Gus's email program we think :slight_smile:

Just download the one from the resource centre and it will work fine.

oh yes, of course, a glitch in MY email program :smiley:
Yeah right.

fwiw, the toolbar is not so great (as it stands) for burning mp3 --> CDDA. :frowning:

Well i removed the filename list this way: Filter all folders with a * and then set the column width to zero, then it looks like there is no filename column. (schweeett no more need of winamp/foobar playlists!)

And about neropus there is nothing to download in the toolbar section :frowning:

Have another look. :smiley:

Better a late reply then never, i downlaoded it and then it worked! :slight_smile: Allready modified it to my own needs i can post a picture and the code if you wish :slight_smile: