Filename not deselecting

I just noticed today on Win10x64 that when I had selected a filename and then labeled it and then selected the containing directory by going on the left side of the divide that the filename was not being deslected. I'm thinking this may be a Win10 issue because I haven't noticed it before and I just recently upgraded to Win10x64. I can't or don't know how to get the DO version anymore because there's no About under help anymore. The help button on the main menu goes right into the help function now.

Making the tree active won't affect the selection of items in the file display, unless you actually change the active folder in the tree (and therefore cause a new folder to be displayed in the file display).

The About command is still in the Help menu on the default toolbars, but you're not using the default toolbars so it's hard to say where it could be hiding. You can add it by going to Settings / Customize and dragging it from the Commands list to a toolbar of your choice.

The reason the deselect became an question was when I tried to label the Movienizer folder green (the containing folder for the file) ever time I clicked the label button it kept changing the filename from green to non-green which is what you're telling me I should expect.

This is the first time I've labeled folders and probably the only time that this would be an obvious issue.

As for my toolbars as far as I know all I did was moved my drive toolbar and the tool toolbar from horizontal to vertical. The image I posted was cropped to the left side of the lister which probably makes it look non-standard. I don't remember any reason I'd have changed the standard help menu. I couldn't accidentally drag all the subordinate buttons from under Help with a single mis-swipe each would have to be moved separately, correct?. Strange! Anyway I rebuilt the Help Menu button.

Thanks for the quick reply.

This is what the default Opus 12 toolbars look like.

I'm still on 11 but they look identical to what I have. Thanks.

They don't look anything like the screenshot you posted above :slight_smile:

I had two panels open and I only copied the left side of the lister because that was what was relative to what I was reporting. I have the Images toolbar off and the operations and drive toolbars are vertical rather than horizontal.

That's why I don't understand what would've happened to the Help sub-menu. I haven't done any changes that are that granular.

The default toolbars and menus look like this, completely different to all of the toolbars in your screenshot:

You must not be using the defaults. At least not from any recent version of Opus, going back several years/releases.

Installed brand new DO11 post win10x64 upgrade. Do you want me to prove my toolbars? I'm willing if it will make yku happy?

Do they look like the ones in your screenshot at the top of the thread? If so, they are not the default toolbars. You must be using custom toolbars, or very old ones, which are still part of your config.

What you have in your screenshot is simply not built into Opus 11.

You can reset the toolbars via the right-click menu, on an empty part of them.

The toolbars are coming from v10 or earlier, my toolbars also base on them (with v10 or 11 default toolbars were reduced and switched to menubuttons, which I don't like).

But as Leo said they are not the actual default toolbars. As things changes I look into default toolbars from time to time to add new or missing buttons to my custom toolbars.

Now I'm really confused. I "reset to factory" on just my menu bar and it looks identical to what I had previous except the entire Help menu item is entirely gone as it is in Leo's example above.

What I do see is that the buttons are in the same place but the style is different. I don't really know where to go from here.

The help menu is on a different toolbar, look at the picture :slight_smile:

I saw that there's a help button on the other toolbar but how am I supposed to correct this so that I have the same style?

Either reset the Operations toolbar, or use Toolbars > Factory Reset Toolbars to reset them all at once.

Resetting the menu toolbar didn't do anything to correct the style it just removed the help menu button.

Reset the "Operations" toolbar not the "Menu" toolbar.

(Or reset all of the toolbars, using Toolbars > Factory Rest Toolbars.)

I reset everything and it doesn't look like what you posted above just doesn't have any of my customizations anymore.


Those are the defaut toolbars now, and look exactly the same as the ones I posted above (othger than the window being wider and folder tree being on, neither of which affect the contents of the toolbara).

The help menu you were looking for, which I think is why we were discussing the default toolbars, is on the right of them and visible in your last screenshot.