Filename on dragging

Thanks for any help.

When I drag a file from one location to another, the name appears too far above the cursor. I've looked everywhere and can't find how to make the name appear closer to the cursor. Thanks again.

Which view mode are you using? (Details/Power/Thumbnails/etc.) Also, where are you dragging from? (Special locations like My Computer will handle slightly differently to normal folders.)

The drag image should be attached to the mouse pointer in the same place that you clicked on the original file.

If the system is under a lot of load then you can sometimes manage to move the mouse away from the start point before it has been recorded, which ends up with the drag image being a long way away from the pointer. This shouldn't happen normally, though.

It happens in any view mode. And it's exactly the same position every time. I use Dual Horizontal, with folders on the left and files on the right. When I click and drag a file, I see an arrow with a small gray box at the bottom (a small box with Target:... appears here). When I drag the file, the file name is not at the tip of the arrow, but about 3-4 "levels" above the arrow point. The correct folder is highlighted, but I keep dropping files in the wrong folder because I see the name several levels above.

Strange. I'm unable to reproduce this. Has anyone else reading seen this?

I tried to do a screen capture, but I could only capture the cursor. The displaced filename and the Target: box don't capture.

It's a Dell D810 laptop, if that means anything.