Filename on mouse over

Is it possible to get the filename (including full path) of a file when you just Mouseover the file icon in a lister?

I'd prefer to do this system wide using explorer calls, but I can restrict to DOpus if necessary.



Go to Settings -> File Types and edit the All Files & Folders type near the top.

On the Info-Tip page, add {path}

You may also want to add {path} to things like the Images file type group which overrides the All Files & Folders info-tip.

This only affects Opus. To get the info in Explorer as well you'd need to use a shell extension. Not sure if there is one to do this or not.

Thanks - but not quite what I'm after. I want to extract the filename and path from a mouseover event to use in a custom script.

Sorry - I should have been clearer.

Basically, I'm trying to emulate the behaviour of ubuntu which will play an MP3 when you mouseover the file. I've written a small program to do the playing in VB, and now I need a way to detect the mouseover and pass the filename and path to the program.

I've searched until I'm blue in the face for a way to do it with VB and drawn a complete blank, so I decided to try combining DOpus scripting and VB to get the job done.

I wouldn't mind - this used to be easy on the Amiga when I was programming on that. How times have changed.


There's no way to run commands on mouse-over. Only on double-click (with left, middle mouse buttons), toolbar/menu item or hotkey.

I thought not - guess I'll keep hunting for a way to tap into the Windows API for this. It must be there somewhere (info tips do it) so I should be able to.


You could do it by writing a shell extension.