Filenames sorting in reverse order

For some reason DOpus is inverting the filename sorting option in folder formats. I have it setup so that it sorts them automatically, but it seems to do it in reverse order.

Here's an example of what the files are sorted like:

  1. 0814201443761_107_img__0107.jpg
  2. 0814201443761_106_img__0106.jpg
  3. 0814201443761_105_img__0105.jpg
  4. 0814201443761_104_img__0104.jpg
  5. 0814201443761_103_img__0103.jpg
  6. 0814201443761_102_img__0102.jpg
  7. 0814201443761_101_img__0101.jpg

What I want it to be sorted like by default:

  1. 0814201443761_101_img__0101.jpg
  2. 0814201443761_102_img__0102.jpg
  3. 0814201443761_103_img__0103.jpg
  4. 0814201443761_104_img__0104.jpg
  5. 0814201443761_105_img__0105.jpg
  6. 0814201443761_106_img__0106.jpg
  7. 0814201443761_107_img__0107.jpg

You might have Reverse Sort Order ticked on the Display tab of the format.

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