Files are deleted w/o warning in recycled by pressing F2


I am stunned .... :open_mouth:

[ul][li]I just deleted some files into the recycle bin[/li]
[li]I then wanted to restore them, so changed to the recycle bin in DirectoryOpus[/li]
[li]I wanted to change their names (don't as me why I did that in recycle bin :blush: )[/li]
[li] :question: but instead of renaming they disappeared :question: [/li][/ul]
ok I don't need the rename functionality in the recycle bin, but I think there should be some WARNING before deletion of the files ... but there is NONE

If I press DEL in the recycle bin, it askes me "really delete", but with F2 --> NO WARNING

I thought I should inform you about that ... or is there any deeper sense behind it ??


Confirmed. The same thing happens here in Opus, and pressing F2 does nothing in Explorer's Recycle Bin.

Your file probably hasn't been deleted though. If you want to recover it, open a command prompt window and go into the hidden Recycler directory on the drive, then into the hidden SID directory (long string made of letters, numbers and dashes) and then you'll see a file called something like Dc314.txt or similar, which is your file.

In a DOS prompt you can do a "dir /ah" to see hidden folders and directories, so you know which dir to go into. Doing a "dir /s" from the Recyler folder also seems to show you the contents (hidden or not) of all subdirectories.

It appears to rename the files to their original name. As a result Windows cannot see them in the Recycle bin. I have no idea what will happen if you try to empty the Recycle bin since there will be files in it that do not exist, as far as Windows is concerned.