Files disappearing after renaming them manually in DOpus 9.1

Here's a good one:

I had ripped some CDA formatted tracks today on my WinXP Service Pack 2 laptop from my CD collection and was in the midst of manually renaming them in DOpus 9.1...when suddenly I get a message saying there was an error finding the file I just renamed! It vanished from the lister I was working in...and I was in the folder manually renaming the tracks! ?!#@?!

If there is anybody out there experiencing the same issue I'm having...please tell me I'm not insane. What is going on? I'm going to try to redo the entire process later on...I'll try my desktop system to see if I get the same problem. If this is a random issue...then I can understand...but if this is repeatable...I'm going to be really upset.

I can understand with such an odd thing that you would try and ask for help, but really... if what you're asking is "anybody else out there find that Opus randomly obliterates data" I'm sure the answer will be no - :wink:.

I imagine there has to be something else to what you were doing at play here. Have you tried 'searching elsewhere on that drive for the files? How many were there? When you say 'ripped some CDA formatted tracks' what exactly does that mean? People don't usually rip "CDA's" to their computer... more usually mp3|wav|wma|flac|etc...

What app ripped the tracks, and were you renaming them while the app was still open? Were you doing 'simple' manual file renames, or renames based on tag related data? Maybe the files got 'moved' somehow? Search search away...

Does the same thing happen if you make the same rename with the same files (re-ripped) using Explorer? Maybe something else is deleting them (e.g. anti-virus?)

No. I haven't been able to replicate this problem...because I took precautions...which was to immediately move the renamed files to a different lister. It's possible DOpus got confused because some of the files originally had the same name as the renamed ones...even though they had qualifiers in the name properties. In other words...Start1 got deleted because there was already a Start1 for example. The problem is...I renamed the duplicate in question when the problem started and the file immediately disappeared when I tried to rename a different file in the lister. Hopefully this quirk won't happen again...because renaming files is an everyday occurrence. For DOpus to simply delete renamed files is scary...especially if these are critical non system files one saves in recognized file formats.

You're really not explaining what you've done or were doing at the time you saw the problem beyond vague references that I suppose make sense to you having been the one doing the work, but I can't make heads or tails of it in order to make suggestions. I'm not sure what "qualifiers in the name properties" would mean. Also not sure what you mean by suggesting that Opus might in some way "delete renamed files"... Opus won't delete files unless you tell it to.

steje confused...

Really do not know what you have done or exactly what is happening here. But, no, Opus just can't make your files disappear without your knowledge and agreement. Also it can't rename files which overwrite the existing files without giving you a dialog warning which you must manually override. Just can't happen.

Maybe when you did the rename you accidentally included some path information (i.e. \ characters) in the new name and the files got moved somewhere?

If you do a search of your drives for files created on the date this happened, of about the size that these files will have been, maybe you will find them.

The Rename command can move files but it cannot delete or overwrite files.


[quote="steje"]Have you tried 'searching elsewhere on that drive for the files?

Were you doing 'simple' manual file renames, or renames based on tag related data? Maybe the files got 'moved' somehow? Search search away...

Opus won't delete files unless you tell it to.[/quote]

Oops, sorry Steje, I must've only skimmed your post. Didn't intend to duplicate your good advice. :slight_smile:

Huh??? You kidding?

Strength in numbers... :smiley:

To avoid any impression I'm being vague...the answer is simply this: I tried to rename file NAMES...not touching anything else like file extension or file locations. Simply file names. Nothing else. After renaming the files...I was about to work on other files in the same lister...and it was then I received an error message saying DOpus couldn't locate the file I had clearly just renamed. The file itself literally disappeared from the lister.

Just to be sure I didn't accidentally cause the renamed file to be moved or accidentally deleted...I searched my drives to look for the newly renamed file in question...and searches came up empty. The file was gone. Period.

Sounds like there might be a filter in play somewhere.

Have you checked the same directory with the Windows Explorer?

Sounds like the problem I was having. In my case:

  1. Clicked on file to rename, say 'file01.txt'
  2. Change name to 'greg.txt' and press Enter key
  3. Actual file name first changes to 'greg.txt' , then bounces back to original name 'file01.txt'
  4. If you know click on 'file01.txt', which is a label for the actual file item, DOpus says the file does not exist.

Sometime later, the file name does indeed change to 'greg.txt'.

I have put this down to there being a critically low amount of free space on the drive. I have the Windows warning for 'low disk space' turned off. The drive may have had less than 2% free space. Laste week I installed an extra hard drive and I'm watching to see if this has 'cured' the problem. It's too soon to say.