Files filter question: Multiple filters?

In the Files filter box, what do I have to enter to show BOTH:
• anything (including files) containing "logi"
• anything (including folders) containing "done"?


logi|done would be much easier and faster to type. Please make that work.

That may work as well, if you have partial matching turned on. If not, try adding the brackets.

Or turn on the Match Any Word option and you can just type the two words with a space between them. From the manual:

Match any word: This option treats all words you enter as separate patterns. For example, you can type “moo cow” and it would automatically match a file called “moo” or a file called “cow”. This saves you having to build up complex OR wildcards (the equivalent wildcard would be “(moo|cow)”).

Thanks for the hint. Now I have checked both Match any word and Partial matching. Now I can just type the two words separated by a space. And it even finds files/folders where both the two words are present, in any order.

This is perfect! You should make this the default setting.