Files have disappeared from Documents folder

After a computer shutdown (just normal, no problems causing me to shutdown), the files in my "Documents" folder have all disappeared. However, I can open Windows Explorer and they are all there. The files are not hidden. I have shut the program down and reopened it but the problem remains. Help!

Make sure you're viewing the same path in both programs. There are several different things called Documents these days, which can confuse things.

Also check the status bar near the bottom of the window in Opus. Does it have a red "hidden" count?

Leo -

Have already checked your ideas. There are no hidden files and the Documents folder is the same in each application. Thanks.


Could you please post a screenshot showing the full window in both Opus and Explorer?

Leo/Jon - I found them and see the difference. Under DO they are under Documents under One Drive. In Windows Explorer they are just under Documents. Thanks for your help. Katy