Files in crypted zips are vanishing on failed MOVE command


I have found a severe problem in the treatment of crypted zip files.

What I did:
double clicked a crypted zip file to open the content in the current lister.
selected several files and used "move" function to move the files into another folder.
Password request pops up and I enter the wrong password.
I press cancel to cancel this process.

Of course the selected files are NOT in the dest folder. But alas, they have also vanished in the source folder. The zip is empty now!


Thank you for the report, and sorry for the problem it has caused.

I couldn't get anything to go wrong when clicking the Abort button when prompted for the password, but I was able to reproduce something similar when clicking the Skip All button. We'll look at getting that fixed in the next update.

Were you clicking Skip All or Abort? If you're seeing it from Abort, can you think of any extra details or steps that might help us reproduce it? (That way we can ensure we have fixed it entirely.)

Hi Leo,

thanks for looking into this. Luckily no critical data was lost due to this issue.

I have to admit my report was not 100% precise as I reconstructed my actions from memory.

Most likely I used the "skip all" function. But the problem also occurs on "skip" (assuming I am backtranslating the options precisely from my German DOpus).

However it might be a good idea to check all possible ways to skip/cancel move actions.


Thanks for the extra info!