Files on Synology NAS not refreshing

In fact I'm asking that just to confirm, as I remember similar question & answer was posted long time ago on the forums. However something might have changed...

I'm running 2x Synology NAS and virtually every operation needs to be followed by pressing F5 key to see resulting changes.

I remember DOpus didn't support refreshing folders located on Linux-based devices, because Linux systems didn't offer necessary file notification changes.

Is that still valid? Or is there any solution / workaround to make this work? To resolve potential doubts, the option Detect external file changes on network drives is turned ON in my DOpus config.

Linux / Samba can do change notifications, but how well they do it (and how long you have to wait for the notifications) can vary greatly.

Updating the firmware (and other related NAS-side and, sometimes, PC-side software/drivers) has fixed problems with some Synology devices and similar.

Please see the Changes to folders are not always detected guide for other troubleshooting and debugging steps.

Thank you, leo!
I wasn't aware of that guide and certainly will follow it!