Files: size=same, modified date-time: same, contents=same, different hash though

One way or the other the hashes of files are different, even though size/modified date are the same. When comparing contents: Beyond Compare, there are no differences either.

They have different filenames and are stored in different folders. AFAIK that does not matter.

However, the hash tells me that there is some difference, somewhere.

Is there any way to figure out those differences?


Which comparison mode do you have Beyond Compare in?

What kind of file is it?

The binary contents cannot be the same if the hashes are different. Beyond Compare's Hex Comparison mode will tell you where the differences are on a binary level.

If it's a text file, it's probably different line endings or something similar, which is usually filtered out when doing a Text Comparison.

It involves Excel workbooks by the way.
I did a Beyond Compare default check, not HEX.

Just tried it out HEX. There is a difference indeed.
Somewhere in the HEX mode I saw my full name (full first and last name) on one side
but just : "X. Full last name" (initial of first name) on the other side.

Then I went on to open the file and look for my name: it was not there...
Probably it was derived from file properties. My name was listed in properties, both properties were the same though.
Author: X. Full Last name
Checked again with BC in HEX mode, now full names were mentioned both sides (weird)

As a test I even went on to copy the data tables from one workbook into the other (side by side) and compared each cell, no differences.

Anyway, thanks again.
(I posted here, it has nothing to do with Directory Opus)

Office file formats store all kinds of extra data that would cause a difference. Even if you just re-save the file without any changes, it'll have a different "last saved" timestamp inside it.

(Why not ask this on the Beyond Compare forum? They had good support and a good forum the last time I needed it.)

You are right, could have asked there, but, to be honest, I just didn't think of it... :slight_smile: