Fill and Collapse columns rapidly compete for width

I have some columns set up: Auto (Max: Fill), Auto, Collapse, Auto, Auto, Collapse, Collapse, Auto (Max: 200). For demonstration, set these values to the folder format Flat View (mixed, no folders), with a moderate Lister window width. The last two columns are a Description and a Location (relative).

My expectation is that the Collapse columns should have precedence when it comes to which columns collapse first when the File Display has no room to display all column contents.

With the combination of columns that I have, the final Auto column with a Max of 200 is first to collapse to 0 (disappear), with the two Collapse columns remaining visible (though on their way to collapsing further). To my mind, it'd make more sense for the columns explicitly defined as Collapse to be the ones shrunken first, with Autos following after. I don't think an Auto with a Max value set should change this (possibly Max: Fill is different). Edit: This was consistently failing, but now I can't make it occur. Restarting between editing folder formats as your FAQ on the subject says, really is important. Now it correctly behaves as the observation below, but with the Max taking effect, and Collapse columns disappeared.

I'm making this a bug report because of the next two observations: firstly, if the final Auto column has its Max value removed, I get the result I was expecting above (aside from there being no limit to its width): the Collapse columns completely disappear first, and the final column remains visible. If this were the scenario above with a Max set, I'd expect the final column to be <= 200 at this point. Edit: This was meant to display the inconsistency, but there isn't one after restarting. I was fooled by the Flat view: it seems to immediately reflect changes to the Flat View folder format (after toggling), but for some reason it doesn't always do so accurately (from what I'm guessing).

You're likely aware of the second issue as it's quite obvious: if the final column is set to Width: Fill (not Max: Fill), it starts rapidly competing for width with the previous Collapse column (they keep resizing). The continues until the folder finishes loading, with the Collapse columns shrunk/disappeared. Why they're competing when the final column is supposed to be filling, I'm not sure. The effect is easily seen if displaying a large folder in Flat view (longer time required to calculate).


Edit: Apologies if this is confusing. I've updated the title to try and better reflect what issue remains.

- Directory Opus v12.23.3 Beta x64 Build 7752
- Windows 10 v20H2 OS Build 19042.870