Filter-bar: how to hide files that contain a word?

Up front, sorry, maybe this has been asked before. Vainly searched for it. In some older threads reference was made to the "Filter FAQ" or to "HOW TO: Add and Configure Filter boxes" i.e. to
Filter FAQ

Regretfully that page does not exist anymore.

Anyway, I am seeking a way to hide files that do -not- have a word in the file name.

e.g. I want to hide all files that do -not- have 'big' in the file name, so I can delete or move those.

Any suggestions?



Wildcard syntax

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To be honest, I tried that out as well, but it didn't work. Reason for asking.
Found it though, did not realize that regex was enabled... (preferences/filter)
which normally is fine of course.

Thanks again.