Filter bar show only folders

Hi all,

I've been a dOpus user for many years, frequently I use the filter bar to show only a particular extension (or extensions), however I have yet to find a way to filter in/out folders successfully.

In DOS I would have typed

DIR *.

to get a list of folders but when I try this the result is nothing, I have also tried grp:folder(s) but that doesn't seem to exist. I'm trying to implement a not filter ~((.ext|.ext2)|a folder) to show anything that is not a folder or has either ext or ext2 as a file extension as a quick way of finding non-conforming extensions in a folder that has lots of subfolders. Is there something obvious that I'm missing? I'm not trying to omit all subfolders in all lister tabs, just one, to be sure that all the file extensons are correct.

There are buttons on the left of the filter bar to show/hide all files/folders.

d'Oh I've used those as counters of the number of files (shown and hidden) and folders within this folder but never clicked on them. Thank you very much. :smiling_face:

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