Filter box Clear History doesn't work

I'm not overly concerned about this, but just as a point of information, on 32-bit on XP SP3, the Clear History on the drop-down of the File Filter Field doesn't seem to clear the history.

Are you sure it's not clearing the history ? Or are you just seeing the automatically generated list of file extensions in the history ?

No, I'm seeing stuff like:

~(- RRC)

Sounds like this old bug but as far as I can tell it's been fixed for a while.

If you go to /dopuslocaldata/State Data/MRU, which of the filter_*.osd files isn't being cleared? (Cleared ones should be 56 bytes and just have an "XML version" line and a blank "history" line.)

Which mode is the filter in? (Files & Folders, etc.)

The only one that's size 56 is filter_files.osd.

The filter is in Files and Folders mode.

Which ones aren't 56 bytes?

The 56 byte ones are the clear ones which we're not interested in.

Not 56 bytes:[b]