Filter bug in flatview and new lister

today a old and a new bug with the default lister filter :slight_smile:

Lister 1: Left is the default view
Lister 2: is ok but work only if the filter match folder + file
Lister 3: was startet with a open folder 02 and hidde now the open folder and show not the file in folder 02
Lister 4: is in Flatview, he show the files correct but hide not the folders

The problem if, the extansion filter show file extensions in sub folders and if u use it see u not more so is the usage not consistent and the filter sold show folders with open matched files

the bug in flatview is very old and i think hide from not matched folders make the filter more userfull in flatview :slight_smile:


I can't see any bug there. If a folder is filtered out, everything inside it is also filtered out.

When in Flat View there is an option on the Filter Bar to control whether or not folders are filtered at all. That option doesn't exist for expandable folders (at least not yet), so they are always filtered.

u men this option?


then show her the files not more?! wtf useless

and why show the extansions filter the the extrensions as options?


if u use it is the lister emty.... its not userfriendly or usefull.. a filter is to filter for the current view or not? :wink: