Filter by Name (Shift+8)

It appears to me that "Folder/Filter by Name" activates Filter Bar which is no different than what we get while pressing "Shift+8" Keys. In both cases the Filter Bar behaves in a similar fashion. If that is the case then what is the thinking behind calling it "Filter by Name" and not simply calling it "Filter Bar"? Not only that in some places it is also called "QuickFilter".

For new users like me different nomenclature for the same thing creates unnecessary confusion.

The functionality described as Filter by Name corresponds to the UI element called Filter Bar, with QuickFilter being its programmatic implementation.

May I ask about Shift+8. It is useful, but I cannot find it listed in the Preferences or User Manual. Is there a list of these shortcut keys? I have seen a very long list in the Preferences, which I'd love a copy of. Are they available?

Hotkeys are language-dependent. So the * key rather than Shift-8 activates the Filter Bar.

I'd stick with

Prefs KEYS

for an always up-to-date list of my hotkeys. The field in the lower left will be faster than any user manual.

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Shift+8 (i.e. *) is listed in both Preferences and Customize:

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